Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day I struggle to find, create or share the perfect gift. I mean, how do you honor someone for giving you life, dealing with your pubescent years and then becoming your business partner? If we didn't already have a tea business, I would throw her a really great tea party.

Long before we started our business my mom (EJ) and I used to host wonderful Annual Afternoon Teas. Our first tea was an intimate affair with about eight women and three little girls in attendance. We planned, prepared and orchestrated everything ourselves. The menu was simple--scones, homemade lemon pound cake, a few finger sandwiches and several varieties of tea. We had such a good time, an annual tradition was born.

Our Afternoon Teas grew from 8 to upwards of 40 guests. Each year for six years we opened one or the other of our homes and shared our passion for people, entertaining and tea. On more than one occasion we had women call months in advance to make sure they were on the list and to see if they could invite a friend! So many people raved about our parties that we started to think about ways of bringing that atmosphere and tradition to an even larger group of people. Our business, Two for Tea is a direct result of those annual tea parties.

So my gift this Mother's Day is one of hope. I will not be throwing my mother a tea party, but I will brew a nice pot of tea and have her over in the afternoon. Our conversation will surely turn to our business and our plans for the future. It is at that point that I will again thank her for all that I am. Then, I will suggest that we find a way to march on and continue to promote our shared passion for tea.

Breakfast, anytime

Breakfast, anyone? I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, especially breakfast blends. My usual m.o. is to drink black in the morning, black after lunch and green or herbal in the evening. Lately, it has been black all the time. Am I more tired than usual? Who knows. What I do know is that I like the description I found below(sorry I don't remember where and hope this isn't infringement).

Breakfast Blend – Black tea blend of any variety and origin astringent enough to add milk and sugar, but balanced enough to drink straight. Appearance of the dry leaf depends on the blend. Leaves should be well-twisted and include some tip. Wet leaf is brown, copper with a toasty to citrusy aroma. Liquor is bright and clear with rich, reddish-brown hues and a medium to full bodied, mouth-feel that is balanced, brisk and astringent with a tangy high note.

I invite you to share your favorites--teas or descriptions:

Sharing the love of tea,

Dara and Ernestine

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