Thursday, May 22, 2008

$3.50 for instant tea? Seriously?

Hello tea lovers,

Just back from New York City where a cuppa generally runs $3.50. Insane! I don't mean for good loose leaf tea, I mean for average stuff. I took my own delightful blends and my trusty travel infuser and travel mug, but those pesky NewYawkas still wanted $3.50 for hot water. I think this means I have officially been in the Midwest too long. I mean, I used to live in some of the most cosmopolitan cities in these United States, including New York and now I complain about an expensive cup of tea.

Four days into my trip I happened on a great little eatery, Dishes. We were staying at The Roosevelt, just down the street on East 45th. Dishes is this delicious combo platter of fresh baked goods, organic stuff and automatron. The food is good, lingering is discouraged. Once found it became our breakfast eatery of choice. Down with $20 hotel breakfasts, up with $4.25 oatmeal buffet! And not a bad cup of tea for $2 ish.

Sharing the love of tea...and savings,


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