Sunday, August 30, 2009

Here's to your health

{photo: mat.teo}

: this is post is slightly political.

My wish is that the drinking of health and its subsequent health benefits will be added to our current national healthcare debate.

Tea is really good for you. Drink lots!

Sharing the love of good, healthy tea

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tea Shelf


I found this really sweet tea shelf on Design*Sponge while searching for inspiration. There is a lot of inspiration out there in the world! You never know what event, activity, book, photo or person will create your next aha! moment.

Two for Tea
was inspired by a book EJ and I started writing about Entertaining & Tea. We never finished that book, because in the midst of researching and writing we were so overwhelmed with the desire to take our vision to the people that we opened our business. Now I am more inspired than ever to complete that book! I learned so much about entertaining while serving Afternoon Tea, I can't imagine not finishing the book.

Sharing the love of tea - inspired!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Replacement II

At the behest of one lovely reader I am offering a more substantive review of my replacement tea infuser.

Q: Does it give the tea a plastic taste?

A: No way! I can't stand that. In all fairnness, I must share that it is not perfect. I find the infuser basket to be a little small as a ratio to the the amount of water one can put in the vessel. Also, the little arm does not stay up with most teas, but for sure not with heavier leaf greens. That means the tea keeps infusing after it should, so I either have to drink fast (ouch burnt mouth) or pour some off (ouch hate to waste tea).

What is great is that this infuser is totally portable. I can make tea 2 minutes before leaving the house and then again at work with little hassle. If the Aladdin "development team" called me right now, would I have some suggestions? You betcha! If they offered to advertise on my blog in return for a ringing endorsement, would I sell out to the man? You betcha! But only because it is a pretty good infuser.

Sharing the love of tea (to go).

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Death and taxes

Confession: I haven't filed my 2008 taxes yet.
I can't.
I can't file my personal taxes until we have the partnership taxes done.
We can't do the business taxes because Two for Tea

has no money to pay the accountant.
The accountant won't do the 2008s until the 2007s are totally paid for.

It is a big vicious circle. Running a business is hard, stressful stuff.

I could really use a cup of tea.

Too bad I can't pay the accountant in tea.
A nice relaxing herbal tisane for dealing with clients like us with no money.

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